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Our Purpose

CHESS is a parent-led, support group of home educators whose purpose is to encourage parents in their home education decision and   to provide academic, cooperative, and fellowship opportunities for children. Current CHESS members have the opportunity to participate in any CHESS sponsored event, group discounts, and sources of help and information for homeschooling.

Become a Member

You can join anytime! Easy as 1-2-3!

1. Read the Policy Page and By-Laws.

2. Print and completely fill out the Membership Application.

3. Mail or drop off your Application and $25 dues.

CHESS' Membership year is from September 1st through August 31st. The annual Membership fee of $25 per family is not pro-rated and is non-refundable. In order for your membership to be activated by September 1st, mail your application and dues by August 15th to CHESS, P.O. Box 6447, Siloam Springs, AR 72761. Or drop them off at our Information Fair.

CHESS' 2022 Information and Sign-Up Fair will be held on Tuesday, August 2nd., from 5:00-7:00 
p.m. at Siloam Springs Bible Church (
927 S Oak Hill Street, Siloam Springs, AR). Please drop in to join, renew, and sign up for this year's activities! This is a great event for those new to homeschooling or CHESS. If you have friends who are interested in our group, please invite them!

What We Do

CHESS would like to provide activities for elementary (K-5), middle school (6-8), and high school (9-12) including field trips, holiday parties, graduation, etc. The number and quality of all CHESS activities depend entirely upon Parent Activity Leaders, PALs, volunteering to organize them. It is a requirement of membership that Members volunteer to organize an activity at least once during the school year. Only first year members are exempt from this requirement. If no leadership steps forward for an activity, or if participation requirements are not met, then that activity will be deleted from that year’s calendar. Therefore, this list includes activities that may not be offered every year. Some of the activities listed below overlap in age groups, and some will be more age group specific. In some cases, participation will require a fee. The fee will be determined by the PAL. Activities are not limited to certain days or times, though most occur during regular school hours.

Scripps Spelling Bee  /  Fall Family Picnic  /  Walton Arts Center Tickets  / Education Fair  /  Famous Person Night  /  Physical Education Classes /  Field Trips  /  Career Workshop  /  High School Game Night  / Monthly Bowling  /  Valentine’s Day Party  /  Nature Notebook Classes  /             Ropes Course  /  Tae Kwon Do Classes  /  Swim Days  / High School Graduation  /  Kindergarten Graduation  /  Rocky Branch School House / Christmas Party  / Fall Festival  / Murder Mystery Party  /  Young Author’s Program  /  Family Camping Trip   /  Fall Cookout & Hayride  / Scholastic Books Orders  / End-of-Year Party  /  High School Prom  /  Christmas Variety Show  /  Science labs 

Field Trip Guidelines

CHESS field trips are reserved for member families. Grandparents are always welcome. Other adults may attend as chaperones, to help supervise a member family’s children. Non-member families with children may not attend CHESS field trips. Neither should other children be invited as guests, if the child’s family does not have a CHESS membership.

It may be possible to make an exception for guests who are staying with a member family. The exception must be approved by the CHESS chairman and/or a vote of the board members, and the guests will be required to sign a liability waiver before attending the field trip.

Whenever possible, we prefer to collect admission on the day of the field trip. However, in some cases, it will be necessary to collect payments in advance. Reservations exist at the time that pre-payment is received. Those who fail to pay in advance for a field trip will not be considered part of the group, and will not be entitled to any special group rates that CHESS may have negotiated for members. Once payment is received for a field trip, a reservation is confirmed. Field trip payments are not refundable. If a member has paid for a field trip and cannot attend, it is that member’s responsibility to find another CHESS family to purchase the reserved tickets.

Activity Standards

Parents and students are expected to follow a basic set of standards to uphold the dignity and Christian witness of the organization. These standards apply to all age groups. Parents are responsible to make their children aware of these standards.

  • Children should look neat and well groomed.
  • Children should show appropriate respect to adult leaders/coaches.
  • Children should respond by raising hands and asking questions during appropriate times.
  • Children should stay with parents at all times, unless another adult has assumed responsibility. *Parent attendance is required for all elementary activities, and encouraged but not required for middle and high school activities.
  • Children and spectators should act with good sportsmanship during all athletic events.

Which events the students participate in or what personal convictions they adhere to will be left to the parents’ individual discretion and will not be dictated by the group policy except those in the By-Laws and Policy Page. These include such issues as coed swimming, dancing, dress length, etc. An appropriate degree of modesty in these areas should reflect our Christian standards so that Christ is glorified and the occasion is not ruined for others.


Chystal Rivera - Chairman  CHESS.chairman@gmail.com

Elizabeth Blalack - Secretary  CHESS.secretary@gmail.com

Tanya Coffman - Resource Coordinator  CHESS.resources@gmail.com

Melody Dry - High School Coordinator  CHESS.high@gmail.com

Talena Keeler - Middle School Coordinator  CHESS.middle@gmail.com

Bridgitt Ragsdale - Elementary Coordinator  CHESS.elementary@gmail.com

If you have further questions, please contact any CHESS board member.

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